I started this weblog with a view to keeping family and friends updated with our new arrival and his subsequent development. Unfortunately, I had not quite anticipated the impact on my available free time and energy that having a child would bring – although of course I wouldn’t have it any other way – and so I did not become the serial blogger that I thought I might.

I’m more likely, now, to write occasionally about techy things or have a grump about something which has annoyed me. I’m certainly no creative writer and so a lot of the stuff here will be purely documentary, both for my own reference and as a potential aid to anyone else who may be interested. I have gathered many technical and engineering hints and tips from blogs and suchlike over the years and it’s nice to know that others find some of my posts helpful.

Incidentally, the blog title is a photographic term which refers to an internal frame size of 24 x 36 mm: that of 35 mm film cameras. These days it’s often used to differentiate a digital camera of this format from one that uses a “cropped” (e.g., APS-C) sensor.

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